Australian Bitters Company


A team of renowned bartenders Down Under are challenging the cocktail status quo with their range of bitters.

The Australian Bitters Company offers an Antipodean twist on the cocktail bitters you know and love, hand crafted in Sydney in small batches using the finest natural botanical herbs and spices based on a secret, time-honoured recipe. Their signature product, Aromatic Bitters, is made using a combination of over 20 organic ingredients found in Australia. The result is an exceptional bitters which will elevate and add complexity to your cocktails.


The Australian Bitters Company was created by a team of award-winning bartenders in 2013 who set out to offer their local market a range of bitters that would challenge the status quo, both in terms of quality and price.

They’ve succeeded in that mission, and are now spreading the word further afield, with a premium range of bitters based on classics, and made using only natural botanical herbs and spices.

Country of Origin: Australia
Established: 2013


Old World bitters from Down Under.