Boukman Rhum


Capturing the best of Haiti’s terroir and rhum culture, and the pinnacle of Haitian clairin trempè – the country’s traditional botanical-infused rhum – Boukman is an all-natural fresh cane juice rhum infused with local barks, citrus peel and other botanicals.

Boukman is rooted in Haiti, made and bottled in the country, and with a percentage of profits reinvested to support local education. It’s named after rebel leader Dutty Boukman, who launched the Haitian Revolution against French rule in 1791 that ultimately defeated Napoleon’s armies. The night before the uprising, Boukman presided over a vodou ceremony near Cap Haïtien, where the rebels sacrificed a black pig, swore an oath to liberty and sealed it with rhum.


Boukman Rhum is made in collaboration with three families, each with five generations in the rum business. The spirit is distilled at two distilleries in Haiti, one in the northern Cap Haïtien region and the other in Croix-des-Bouquets further south. Maceration, blending and bottling all takes place in Port au Prince.

Demonstrating their strong social mission, Boukman Rhum was created in partnership with Haiti Futur, a local non-profit dedicated to education and entrepreneurship, and donates 10% of its profits to this cause.

Boukman is also involved in work to reinvigorate sugar cane farming in Haiti, working with a local distiller and NGO to use new organic farming techniques to improve yields, with the aim of doubling local farmers’ incomes from sugar cane.

Country of Origin: Haiti
Established: 2014


The pinnacle of Haitian botanical rhum.