Cargo Cult


The Cargo Cult is inspired by a modern mythology amongst South Pacific islanders that the heavens will open with an endless supply of cargo, just as they did during the Second World War when supplies were airdropped for the incoming US troops soon to land on their shores

Although 70 years have passed, the legend lives on amongst some islanders still hoping for the mythical cargo to re-appear on the horizon. In the meantime, we have this rum to sip and enjoy as we wait patiently…

Cargo Cult’s exceptionally well-balanced, small-batch spiced rums are made with a blend of aged spirits from the tropical islands of Papua New Guinea and Fiji, before being skilfully blended, spiced and bottled in Australia.

Made without the addition of any sugar, these perfectly crafted beauties stand out from just about every other spiced rum on the market.


After 12 years with global drinks giant Brown Forman, Australian Jonny Croft identified a gap in the market and set his mind to creating the world’s first craft spiced rum with no added sugar.

Inspired by the legends of the Cargo Cult, following a chance conversation with his father who was a doctor at a naval base in northern Papua New Guinea in the 1960’s, Jonny spent months scouring the South Pacific in search of the perfect rums.

After several flights and armed security pick-ups later, and having crossed flooded rivers in the heart of the Papua New Guinean jungle, Jonny finally came across a remote sugar cane plantation and distillery operation which could produce a quality rum of the right age, and which would also meet Australia’s strict import and production legislation.

After 14 months of dedicated refinement and perfection, the first bottle of Jonny’s Cargo Cult Spiced Rum launched in December 2014, truly a first of its kind in the category.

Country of Origin: South Pacific
Established: 2014


Fresh ginger and warm spices with a touch of lime zest.



Satisfying banana sweetness.