Five Farms


Ireland’s County Cork has all of the ingredients to produce the world’s finest Irish Cream Liqueur. This lush, green countryside offers fertile farmland for dairy cattle, while the county also has centuries of tradition in distilling Irish whiskey.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that this is home to super-premium Irish Cream Liqueur Five Farms – the world’s first farm-to-table, single batch Irish cream, blended and bottled within 48 hours, with a triple buttercream content.

Beyond its exceptional ingredients, which have led to Five Farms becoming the highest-ever scoring Irish cream liqueur in history, this liqueur looks the part too, with its luxury take on milk bottles of the early 1900s.


Every aspect of the production of Five Farms is rooted in quality and tradition, and all takes place in County Cork. Rich dairy cream is sourced from five family-owned farms located on this rugged coastline in Ireland’s southernmost county, where generations of families maintain a deep connection to the land. This single-batch cream is blended and bottled within 48 hours of being collected.

This is then expertly blended with three-year-old, triple-distilled Irish whiskey, lending its smoothness and complexity to the cream. Five Farms makes use of 10% Irish whiskey, a far greater amount than typical Irish cream liqueurs.

Country of Origin: Ireland
Established: 2017


County Cork indulgence.