Clean spirit with an open mind.

Gem&Bolt was founded on the belief that a positive life elevates consciousness – and this unique mezcal is a true celebration of life, art and plants.

Socially and environmentally minded, Gem&Bolt is made with sustainably-grown Fair Trade agave, without any additives and uniquely distilled with damiana, a mythical small flowering herb native to Mexico.

This idea was inspired by Mexico’s longstanding heritage and legacy of mezcaleros marrying ancient herbs, fruits and plants together with the spirit.

Gem & Bolt is named after a mythical lore that long ago in ancient Mexico, a lightning bolt struck the heart – or gem – of the agave plant. Roasting and fermenting the agave’s sugars, this released the plant’s sacred sap, the spirit we know today as Mezcal.


Gem & Bolt is the creation of artist-alchemist duo AdrinaAdrina, and Elliot Coon, who grew up together in a bohemian enclave in the mountains of Virginia USA.
After first teaming up together to open a speakeasy in California, the duo were drawn to Mexico and the connection between art, plants and celebration, and set up a gallery in Oaxaca City. Their fascination and experimentation with mezcal infusions were rooted, as they hosted nightly ‘after hours’ gatherings in the gallery.
Determined to bring it to the wider world, they collaborated with maestro mezcalero Vincente Reyes. The duo refined the concept of Gem & Bolt, ultimately bringing on board with them one of Mexico’s most renowned mezcal makers, the Martinez family from San Dioniso.

Country of Origin: Mexico
Established: 2016


Mezcal + Damiana

Magical mezcal from Oaxaca infused with Damiana.