Gin Mare


Everything about Gin Mare takes its inspiration from the Mediterranean – the lifestyle and approach to gastronomy in this unique part of the world – from the botanicals used to the techniques employed to make it.

This is expressed through its highly distinctive flavour profile – a savoury, herbaceous celebration of Mediterranean flavours such as the Arbequina olives, basil, thyme and rosemary that are used to produce it.

The word “mare” translates to “sea”, but for Gin Mare it means much more than that, not least its associations with the word “maternal”. It’s also linked with the concept of “mare nostrum”, referring to the communities that live around the Mediterranean, and expressing their love of food, this region’s excellent climate, and ultimately their lifestyle. Gin Mare embodies all of this.


In an old fishing village between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada lies a 13th century chapel that houses a custom-made still. It’s here that Gin Mare is produced, inspired not only by local botanicals and flavours, but by the rhythms and culture of its location. The people behind this gin set out to distill and bottle the Mediterranean and export it to the world.

The use of Arbequina olives, in particular, makes each batch of Gin Mare unique, as the acidity in this raw material fluctuates throughout the year. This is paired with three other distinctly Mediterranean botanicals – basil, thyme and rosemary – not to mention juniper berries harvested from their own farms, and a blend of sweet and bitter oranges from Seville and Valencia.

The result is nothing short of immersion in the Mediterranean – its flavours, its gastronomy, its climate, and ultimately its people’s approach to life.

Country of Origin: Spain
Established: 2008


Unreservedly Mediterranean.