Mezcal Union


From the San Baltazar Guelavila region in Oaxaca, Mexico, comes a mezcal to inspire the body, heart and mind.

Founded on a belief that the future of mezcal would be based on a union, this spirit brings together the heritage of a group of families for whom growing agave and making mezcal has long been a way of life.

With its unique blend of aged Espadin and Cirial stone-crushed agave, this mezcal has a smooth balance of sweetness and smoke making it a highly versatile spirit with a strong social cause.


Produced by a union of Oaxacan families, and expertly blended by Maestro Mezcalero Pedro Hernádez, this union harnesses the power of working together. By pooling their artisanal skills and working together, the producers can ensure their unique craft continues to be passed down for future generations.

Country of Origin: Mexico
Established: 2011


An exceptional mezcal produced by a union of families.