Mezcal Union - The Origins

Mezcal Union – The Origins

Date: 03.08.2018

It starts with a journey to learn more about the greatness of mezcal. The founders toured the mountains from peak to peak, reaching a hill where there was a tree and there they rested. There they came across an old man who shared his mezcal, his histories, and his ideas with them.

The old man told the founders something that caught their attention; he said that the future of mezcal would be based on a UNIÓN.

So, they continued their journey with a clear understanding of their path: to create a union of mezcal with different producer families. From there Mezcal Unión was born, carrying that message in every bottle.

The founders believed that the future of mezcal would be based on union, the quality of production and the well-being of producing families. This would form the foundations of Mezcal Union.

At the present time Mezcal Union is made up of +50 families, 20 Palenques (farms) within 8 villages.

Mezcal Union Uno

From the San Baltazar Guelavila region in Oaxaca, this is a unique combination of Espadin and Cirial agave. The older Cirial, imparts unusual soft fruit notes and a degree of body, uncommon for a younger mezcal.

Created with respect for the artisanal production of mezcal, ensuring the production is entirely self-sustaining.

Notes of citrus with hints of smoke and earth. Beautiful texture, delicate, mellow and refreshing.

Varietal and Age of Agave: Espadin and Cirial, from 8 to 20 years
Abv: 40%
Size: 70cl
Origin: San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca, México

Mezcal Union