Vecchio Amaro del Capo


The Caffo family captures the wild essence of Calabria, Italy, with this aromatic all-natural aromatic herbal liqueur. Vecchio Amaro del Capo is the culmination of four generations of master distillers, and one of this historic distillery’s iconic products.

Based on an ancient family recipe, Amaro del Capo is made from 29 different botanicals, including bitter orange and sweet orange peel, liquorice, mandarin, camomile and juniper. The end result is complex yet delicate, and the perfect introduction to the amaro category for those that are less familiar with bitter flavours.

While there’s no better way to enjoy Amaro del Capo than chilled and neat, as a classic digestif, this is also an extremely versatile spirit, providing an earthy depth of flavour to a myriad of cocktails and long drinks.


Caffo Antica Distilleria’s official story begins in 1915, when Giuseppe Caffo acquired a distillery in Santa Venerina, Sicily, although he’d been distilling herbs since 1890, when he first started distilling pomace on the side of the volcanic Mount Etna. Today, third generation master distiller Giuseppe Giovanni Caffo leads the company as Chairman, with his son Nuccio as CEO.

In addition to Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Caffo produces an array of liqueurs and spirits from the heart of Calabria. These include Limunì-Liqueur made from Calabrese lemons, Finocchietto Caffo from wild fennel, and Indianello made from prickly pears. It also produces grappa from more than 10 different grape varieties. All of these exceptional products benefit from the Caffo family’s generations of experience, and its commitment to quality and flavour.

Now well into its second century, Caffo maintains its same values of tradition, innovation and passion.

Country of Origin: Italy
Established: 1915


Italy’s top herbal liqueur for a reason.