Made to a family recipe dating back to 1894, Xanté perfectly balances the flavours of ripe Belgian pears with a blend of fine Cognacs, to create a richly indulgent and all natural liqueur.

Selecting premium orchard fruit and blending it with oak-aged Cognacs imparts a delightful smoothness to this highly versatile liqueur which has an elegantly balanced sweetness, and makes it an excellent choice for cocktails, long drinks, or serving on the rocks.


The district of Alsace in France was experiencing a period of great turbulence in the late 18880s, and as a result future-liqueur maker Jean Heinrich chose to carry out a bold escape to Namur, Belgium. Granted shelter in a Benedictine monastery, Heinrich not only found solace, but also the seed of a good idea, as the monks shared with him their collection of ancient liqueur recipes, those which would go on to inspire the foundation of the iconic Maison Heinrich Liquoriste Artisanale.

Now produced in Sweden and created by fourth generation Master Blender Richard Heinrich, this unique pear liqueur is the result of a European family tradition of expertise, craft and finesse of flavour.

Country of Origin: France
Established: 1894


A Modern Classic.