Katún Gin


The Yucatan Peninsula’s natural abundance is captured in this unique and completely Mexican Gin.

When it came to producing the Yucatán’s first handcrafted gin, the intention was to represent the aromatic soul of the region’s rich raw materials. To achieve this, 17 botanicals are used – including chillies, spices, tropical fruits and aromatic Yucatán flowers – all sourced locally or from Mexico, with the exception of juniper, the only imported ingredient.

The gin also reflects the cultural richness of the region, taking its name from the word for a twenty-year period in the Mayan calendar. This is emphasised by Katún’s label, adorned with Mayan legends and symbols, and the gin’s botanicals.


Katún Gin has been created by four Mexican friends and one Spaniard, who together envisioned a unique, entirely Mexican gin.

The team worked for a full year in search of the best combination of botanical ingredients from the Yucatán, drawing on the support of connoisseurs of the region. They settled on a botanical mix sourced entirely from Mexico, with the exception of juniper. Production began at the Conkal Distillery in 2017.

Country of Origin: Mexico
Established: 2017


The aromatic soul of the Yucatán.