Principe de los Apostoles Mate Gin


A distinctly South American take on New World gin, Principe de los Apostoles Mate Gin honours Argentina’s national beverage, mate.

Created by Latin America’s most celebrated bartender, Tato Giovannoni, Apostoles makes use of indigenous Southern Hemisphere botanicals – yerba mate, eucalyptus and peperina (a herb unique to Argentina that’s similar to peppermint), as well as the more classic coriander, juniper and pink grapefruit. These combine to create a nuanced, tropical and herbaceous flavour profile in contrast with classic London Dry Gin’s more wintery flavours. Giovannoni drew inspiration from the traditional terere, a cold mate infusion, incorporating some of the other botanicals commonly found in that drink.

Apostoles takes its name from the Argentine town of the same name, which is the national capital for its headline botanical, yerba mate. This remarkable herb was cultivated by Jesuits in the Provence of Misiones once they discovered the high-quality tea it produces, with uplifting qualities similar to caffeine. These were the original plantings of what has become the most Argentine drink of all.


Tato Giovannoni is one of Latin America’s leading bartenders, and the owner and mastermind of the renowned Floreria Atlántico in Buenos Aires, which has been consistently recognised by The World’s 50 Best Bars and has been named Best Bar in South America. He is a true ambassador not only for Argentina and its bar scene, but for Apostoles Gin too.

It was only a matter of time before Giovannoni created a gin of his own, and it’s fitting that it honours indigenous botanicals, and Argentina’s national drink, mate, most of all.

In the pursuit of the perfect expression of these ingredients, and to find the ideal balance and flavour, the creation of this gin took a full two years. The result is decidedly Argentine, right down to its tropical and earthy flavour profile.

Country of Origin: Argentina
Established: 2013


Argentine in every way.