Soto Sake


A modern sake rooted in tradition, Soto brings together the earth’s purest elements to create a super-premium junmai daiginjo, from the Niigata Prefecture.

“Sōtō” meaning “outside” in Japanese, echoes this sake’s commitment to the finest natural ingredients – finely polished rice that imparts a natural sweetness, and pristine mountain water that gives this sake its soft texture. Junmai daiginjo is the highest grade of sake available, in which the rice is polished to 50%.

Having embraced a true field to bottle philosophy, Soto is an all-natural award-winning sake, with an approachable, delicate, clean and earthy flavour profile.


Soto Sake has been created through a collaboration between North American wine and spirit enthusiasts, yet every element is authentically Japanese, with the sake, bottle and label all produced in Japan.

Soto is brewed in the Niigata Prefecture, widely recognised as the heart of sake innovation and production in Japan, and where pristine water flows from the region’s mountaintops. Soto Sake draws on the wisdom of generations, while bringing this traditional drink into the modern day, and to a new audience.

Country of Origin: Japan
Established: 2015


Earth’s purest elements.