O.P. Anderson Aquavit


Sweden’s oldest and most celebrated Aquavit, drawing on over a century of shared knowledge and heritage.

Rooted in Swedish tradition for generations, O.P. Anderson is an essential component of gatherings of friends and family in Sweden. Its distinctive red cap and spice flavours are synonymous with festive occasions throughout the year such as Easter, Midsummer, Christmas, and Sweden’s renowned crayfish party.

The spirit itself is the quintessential Swedish aquavit, with key spices of caraway, aniseed and fennel all distilled separately, and aged in oak barrels. It’s made with nothing but natural, certified-organic ingredients. The result is crisp, balanced and full of history. Skål!


O.P. Anderson was founded in 1891 by the son of Olof Peter Anderson, Carl August, in tribute to his father and his work in the spirits industry. Carl August’s pioneering aquavit was created for the 1891 Gothenburg Exhibition. He developed the soon-to-become iconic recipe with a trio of spices – caraway, anise and fennel – that has become the signature flavour of O.P. Anderson, and has inspired many of today’s aquavits.

Blending generations of tradition and knowledge, O.P. Anderson’s aquavits are now produced in a facility that contrasts state-of-the-art equipment with ancient barrels and striking copper stills.

Country of Origin: Sweden
Established: 1891


The quintessential Swedish aquavit, rooted in tradition.